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Middle Sister Marketing


The middle kids always get left...in the middle. Not the oldest and not the youngest...just the middle. For me it was a great place to be! I could learn from my older siblings and teach my younger sister all that I had learned (at least in theory)!

Middle Sister Marketing is my project that I started for an Entrepreneurship class during my MBA program. Many years ago I took a leap of faith that I could start my own business and help others businesses have a real partner that understands the importance of marketing, advertising, graphic design, and print. This concept has now evolved into Middle Sister Marketing.

Middle Sister Marketing works with companies to help them utilize their marketing budgets to get the most return on their investment. Don't spend your valuable time searching for multiple companies to match your company needs. Middle Sister Marketing is your all inclusive marketing company.

From promotional products & branded apparel to custom overseas production, warehousing and fulfillment and graphic design services, Middle Sister Marketing is the place to turn to build your brand and grow your business.


Middle Sister Marketing



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